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RECALL!! Public Health Alert for Chicken & Pork Produced WITHOUT the Benefit of Inspection.

A headline that shows up in news often, but what does it mean to be “Produced without the Benefit of Inspection”?

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and FSIS (Food Safety Inspection Service) requires producers of meat, poultry and egg products to be under a grant of inspection.

A “Grant of Inspection” is set up for each establishment producing meat, poultry or egg items. This is required by USDA & FSIS. Once registered, the company is allowed to produce and sell to consumers in the USA. When they are approved USDA will issue each manufacturing site a unique establishment number for each facility that produce the given product. These establishment numbers are required to be listed on each package of sell-able product being sold to the consumer. Many companies have their establishment numbers listed on what is called the “legend” or “bug” on the package. Otherwise, you may see it printed near the use by date on the package, generally stated “EST.#####”.

At Service Cold Storage we are one of the few Foreign Material Inspection Companies with a USDA Establishment Number operating under a grant of inspection. This means we have USDA personnel on site when we open and inspect USDA products for Foreign Material assuring SCS is meeting the most stringent guidelines in the industry.