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If you are bringing in product or picking up product, please follow these instructions!

1. Please enter our shipping and receiving office on the east side of the SCS building to check in

2. Inside the office you will find a form on each side of the office window you will need to fill out to check in.


  • Please provide 7 digit pick-up/appointment confirmation number (If you do not have this number you will need to get it from your dispatch or provide a valid PO#)
  • If you are bringing in product you must provide BOL with lot code breakdown for the items on your truck. We will refuse the load if you do not have this information.
  • You must provide a photo ID if you are picking up product from out facility. This is a request from the customer you are picking up for.

3. Once check in form is filled out, please slide it under the window along with your photo ID.

4. Shipping & Receiving clerks will give you a door number or ask you to wait in the yard until we have a door ready for you. If you have any specific loading instructions or want to be let in on the dock you must tell the shipping & receiving office at this time.

5. Once you are in a door, your light will go from green to red when you are being loaded. When you get your second green light, please return to the shipping & receiving office for your paperwork.

6. Once you sign your BOL you will receive a copy and you are able to depart the facility.